About us

Save The Date was created out of a need of ours. With a wedding planned, we were super excited to tell our friends and family to save our date, but it would still take a long time for the invitations to be ready.

We were looking for solutions, but couldn't find anything that we would relate to. So we decided to get down to business and use our professional skills to develop the ideal way.

After some research, studies and conversations with people close to us, we came to the conclusion that an animated video, about 15 seconds long, and a piece of our favorite song was the solution! With this idea and the information in hand, we started our first Save The Date template. We sent it to our guests and they loved it!

We decided to develop new templates to be able to offer to others who also want to send a unique save the date to their guests in a personalized, fun, sophisticated and ecologically responsible way!

We hope you enjoy!

Isa and Lucas


Save The Dates are a fun, sophisticated and a personalized way to ask your guests to hold the date of your event.

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